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He indulges my every wish & he is generously rewarded.
Delilah M: Art of Adult Conversation

What Callers are Saying

08/23/2016   "Absolutely incredible!! She blew my mind."  LP 

07/25/2016   "Very nice first conversation. Good, insightful advice." SR


07/23/2016   "Delilah has the mind for phone sex. She listens well and                                picks right up with wherever you want to go. We clicked                                  right away and had a great time!"  E1961

07/22/2016   "Exactly as billed: interesting woman, great                                                   conversationalist, open-minded = good times!"  S444

07/22/2016    "As advertised. Great call, just chatting. Excellent."  C1968

07/21/2016   "Great! much better than expected. Will call again"  L20014

07/15/2016   "Intelligent, sexy and very naughty. A must call." AE

07/01/2016   "She is very special---intelligent and sensual. She can make you                        feel "macho" or "submissive". Awesome." RR

Actual Reviews on Nite Flirt

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