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Dominatrix Delilah M: Male submissives, Mistress Delilah M

Welcome to Mistress Delilah's Inner Sanctum

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum where you may serve Delilah M in the submissive arts
Mistress Delilah M peers deep into the male psyche and sees what's there. She understands the differences between men and women. She celebrates these differences and knows that she as a woman is born superior.
Welcome to the Inner Sanctum where you may serve Delilah M in the submissive arts


Total Ownership: Regularly scheduled phone calls ~ Exchange of e-mails and watching you on video CAM if possible

Session Ownership:              100% Domination for an alloted  amount of phone / video CAM time

Masturbation Instruction:    With & without Toys and Hypnotic Trance


Forced Bi-Sexual


Cock & Ball Torture


Edge Play Extreme

Teasing & Denial

Ruined Orgasm / Milked Dry

Anal Mild or BIG fill

Small Penis Discussions

Premature Ejaculaters

Extreme Chastity

MILD HYPNOSIS for increased focus & submissive relaxation

DEEP HYPNOSIS takes away ALL WILL POWER objectifies the submissive and leaves them totally helpless

Introduce yourself to the Inner Sanctum
The Private World of Mistress Delilah M
Goddess and Ruler of Men
When you listen to the sample recording above choose wisely. Your submissive side responds only to the fantasy that speaks to its expression. Experiment and listen to the free samples but keep in mind that your submissive side is to be listened to so find what it responds to and enjoy. There are free samples and the full audio file maybe be purchased on Nite Flirt by following the links. Don't be shy begin your service to Mistress Delilah by either purchasing an audio file or calling her and talking in person. 
Panty Boy #1 Laugh It Off - Delilah M
00:00 / 00:00


Have your headset and panties on. Includes Delilah M talking, panty boy music and men laughing - I promise it will be humiliating in all the good ways. Click Panties for the complete recording.

More Audio Offerings for Submissive Men ~ Are Available on Nite Flirts! Check the Goodies Section for the complete set of listing.

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