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Graduate School at a top University

Area of Study Psychology and Medicine

Life Coach

Worked with hundreds of clients to help them acheive their goals both professional and personal.

My Training
Erotic HypnoTrance Specialty
Erotic Relaxation
Generosity & The Courtesan
It all starts in the erotic mind and travels down to the erogenous zones and the sex organs. As the conversation evolves it becomes a highly erotic and sensual place. It's not like any other place you've visited before because it's created for you by The Courtesan Delilah M. It is perfect for you in every way and it is uniquely yours.
A gift from The Courtesan to you.
Don't be mistaken that a talking relationship can't be real. There are a number of advantages to speaking on the phone. First, the physical aspects and its stresses are removed. There's no travel, no location concerns, no physical constraints, no limits on clothing, toys, physical endowments and almost no chance of getting caught. In our minds we may create exactly what we seek. The Courtesan Delilah will generously participate and make that place very real.
Second, the guarantee of anonymity is a gift of freedom. Freedom to express sexual fantasies that are secret, taboo and forbidden. The gift of freedom is also about taking a vacation from the stress and problems in your life. The Courtesan Delilah M promises your time with her will be relaxing, fun, invigorating and stimulating in every way .

Performing Artist

Appearances at major venues around the world with world renowned companies, artists and directors.

Courtesan Delilah M

The Courtesan Delilah M practices generosity of the heart and mind. Remember, the by the minute charges* are but a small gift for the priceless gift she gives to you. Enjoy this free web site and all that it offers. In the near future Delilah M will be adding many free recordings for adults to enjoy. Delilah M has invited guest writers to contribute to the the Art of Adult Conversation, so keep a look out for those contributions. Come back often and click around as there’s always something happening at The Art of Adult Conversation.
The ancient Law of Circulation explains that great things are possible when we give others whatever we wish to have for ourselves. For example, if we want love, then we give love; if we want peace, then we give peace; if we want prosperity, then we give prosperity.
Giving generously comes from a profound strength of character and that comes from genuine humility. Take a minute and think about this or maybe re-read it.
The Courtesan Delilah M is practicing her generosity by the sharing of this free website and by her impeccable attention, care and participation in person, on phone calls with you. What comes around goes around. Consider sending a tribute as an expression of generosity to The Courtesan Delilah M by clicking here : 
Seven Minutes in Heaven with Delilah M - Delilah M the Courtesan
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Information on calling
The Courtesan Delilah M
Open an account on NiteFlirts to speak in person with me.

* By clicking on the phone or other call symbols you will be directed to Nite Flirts. You may make an account there to speak in person with Delilah M. Available most mornings and evenings. Nite Flirt is a safe, secure and private platform. It has been in business for over 10 years. It guarantees a safe and secure environment for all.

Phone Sex, Hot Chat, NiteFlirt, Adult Conversation, Hot Chat, Adult Chat Line, Phone Sex

Born This Way

By nature I am sensitive, compassionate and open minded. As an adult I developed an awareness of our sexual energy and its expression in every aspect of life. I've explored and expereinced these aspects in myself and others. I have a vast and deep understanding about how sexual energy comes to be eroticized and expressed.

“I recommend Delilah M to you if you are looking for someone to talk to. She's the perfect company for me when I am away on business trips.” Jerry L.
"Sometimes I wake up lonely. She's the perfect woman to start the day with. All I have to do is call her” Steve Z.
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