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The Art of Adult Conversation

Who is Delilah M?

I'm a sophisticated, articulate, educated woman who loves talking on the phone. I can have a conversation about anything. A keyholder to the art of conversation! I am equally good at listening as I am speaking. A world class conversationalist has to be good at both. If you are shy, lonely or need a little time to warm up to a chat I can help to get things going. If you're midthought, ready to jump start it, look for the call link below and we'll be chatting in no time. 

Conversation is the art of listening and takling but what exactly does this mean? It's not so easy to describe but you'll know it when you expereince it. An artful conversation with Delilah M will leave you smiling and happy. If you had any feelings of sadness, loneliness, isolation, or low self esteem they will be gone!

I love talking on the phone and enjoy listening to what you have to say. Have you ever noticed how a good listener is seductive? How a connection builds as thoughts, ideas and feelings are shared?

What does Delilah M like to talk about?

If you have something on your mind we can talk about that. Or perhaps you'd like to share something about what happened during your day. Maybe it's morning and you haven't quite gotten going. No matter where the conversation starts and no matter where you are, it always has a "happy ending". It's one of my special talents and I can seduce anyone. Be advised that after chatting with me you'll be treated to the best ever "happy ending."

World Class Conversationalist

Virtual Girl Friend
Specializing in Adult Chat
Erotic Fantasy Specialist
Sensual Hypnotic Relaxation
Domina Delilah M

Adult Chat

Erotic Relaxation

Mind Blowing Orgasms

Sensual Hypnotic Trance

Mistress Delilah M Dominatrix

Not another adult chat-line or hot chat personality. 
The mind is the largest and most powerful sex organ. Start your journey of sexual phone enchantment with Delilah M there. Guaranteed you'll come away happy, smiling and looking forward to the next time we speak. You may call by clicking on the link below and taking advantage of the anonymity, privacy and security offered by NiteFlirt or email Delilah M for more details. Please take a few minutes to explore my site and don't miss the video links section. 
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Here  for you!
Here for you in a supportive professional capacity. A respectful, private place for your thoughts, ideas, desires and fantasies. While there is a focus on the sensual and erotic side, it's not a requirement or a pre-requisite for a conversation. A conversation can be about anything that's on you rmind. I am here for you as a friend, confidant or erotic companion. Enjoy my web site and all the free content. Come back often as it's frequently updated
Delilah M
Welcome: Art of Adult Conversation - Delilah M
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Modes of Being
Phone Sex, Hot Chat, Adult Conversation, Hot Chat, Adult Chat Line, Phone Sex
Phone Sex, Hot Chat, NiteFlirt, Adult Conversation, Hot Chat, Adult Chat Line, Phone Sex

* By clicking on the phone or other call symbols you will be directed to Nite Flirts. You may make an account there to speak in person with Delilah M. Available most mornings and evenings. Nite Flirt is a safe, secure and private platform. It has been in business for over 10 years. It guarantees a safe and secure environment for all.

Delilah M's Personas

Delilah M's Personas, Modes of Being

When we speak I'm honest, real and present. You'll be in touch with one of my Modes of Being, or perhaps a blend of them. What is unique about talking to me is my honesty and presense. Warning: This can result in a mind blowing orgasm and the desire to speak with me again.

THE COURTESAN - Erotic Relaxation Extraordinaire

A Dirty Little secret that keeps you smiling all day long

Starting with light conversation to get to know you is a good place to start. If there’s something on your mind that’s pressing let’s talk about that first and get it out of the way. If you are troubled by a relationship, stressed, anxious, depressed or it’s late and you can’t get to sleep, I’m here for you. I’m an excellent soother and helper. More information & free audio teasers click on the lotus. 

THE DOMINATRIX - Wise Goddess and Ruler of men

Sophisticated and Compelling Domination

Delilah M will fully command your body and mind. Your everyday life will be taken away as I entangle you in my erotic spell-binding web of lust, desire and servitude. My style of domination has developed over decades. It is sophisticated, intelligent and powerful. Be seduced by my feminine wiles and control by the Goddess, who smiles knowingly at you. Control of you at levels you never thought possible is just a call away.  More information & free audio teasers click on the lotus.

Delilah M practices generosity of the heart and mind. Remember, the by the minute charges* are but a small gift for the priceless gift she gives to you. Enjoy this free web site and all that it offers. In the near future Delilah M will be adding many free recordings for adults to enjoy. Delilah M has invited guest writers to contribute to the the Art of Adult Conversation, so keep a look out for those contributions. Come back often and click around as there’s always something happening at The Art of Adult Conversation.

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