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Titillating & Sexy Goodie-Bag Offerings

Indulge with my voice anytime you like. These are fun and private. Explore new ideas or choose something familiar. The results are relaxing and sexually expansive. When you find the fantasy that his the sweet spot right a the center, the more you listen and practice, the bigger and better the orgasm! Don't believe me?  Listen to the free foreplay samples below. When you find the one that tickles your fancy click the link to buy. New recordings are added weekly. Don't see something you like? Just ask, I'm the Enthusiastic Conversationalist! Custom MP3 Recordings are available by request. Prepayment is required.

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Available by e-mail only. You may send me an e-mail with your interests. Be sure to include what caught your attention here! Responses take no more than 3 days and I will personally answer all e-mails. You must open an account on Niteflirt to contact me. 

Delilah M Voyages  Audio & Video 

Best with a headset


All new erotic hypnosis video. This is truly a relaxing and deeply sensual experience. It is a full 18 minutes long. You may repeat this as often as needed to clear your mental and physical state. The video leads you into trance and brings you to a state of full bliss ending in a full body orgasm. The video does not contain sexually explicit images, it's much filthier than that because it goes right to your core, your psyche. Are you ready for that? Let's find out together. 

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