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Click on the photos and the page will open on corresponding website. Book Mark Art of Adult Conversation with Delilah M and return often.


'Founded in 1984, Body Electric has been an innovative leader in fostering the experiential integration of sexuality and spirituality. We create safe group spaces where individuals are free to connect with their bodies without judgment, speak their true voice, and experience touch and movement from a vital and welcoming heart-based space. Together, we uncover the life-enhancing potentials of erotic energy so it becomes a healing force in our lives. This process is nothing less than transformational."

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Sex Dolls that are just too real for comfort!
Sinthetics are each individually handmade by our talented team of professionals. You can feel confident knowing that all Sinthetics products have to pass rigorous inspections to meet our expectations of quality. Sinthetics will never become a mass-manufacturer of dolls; if we find that the production needs get too large we will lock down sales until such time as the production...
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