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Links to Make You Think "Points to Ponder"

Thought provoking links which are amusing, erotic, sensual and about the Human Connection.
If you are not quite ready to call me or perhaps I'm at not available feel free to use the links below to peek into the World of Delilah M. I call myself the Enthusiastic Conversationalist for a reason. simply put, I love to think. I don't like to think, I LOVE to think! The video links don't include hard-core porn, not because I have anything against it but because I want to the links to be MORE stimulating than hard-core porn. 


If you have a favortie video to add to my listed, send it by using the e-mail button below. Only YouTube or Vimeo links are accepted for consideration.

Nude Yoga, Dance & Artists 

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake - Four Little Swans

The bouncy swans like you've never seen seen them before!

Not the best execution of the dance of the Four Little Swans. Worth a watch for the unrivaled perk and bounce of the unbridled eight little ones.

Trailer to The Ceremony a feature documentary film by Lina Mannheimer

The Ceremony, a film about love and friendship, depicts cross-border relationships where dominance and submission are central. We meet the fascinating and unusual writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet and those closest to her.

Intimate material reveals participants sharing views on art, norms, identity, ageing, loneliness, friendship and love. The spectator is invited into a fascinating, evocative and private world depicting staged, stylized sadomasochist ceremonies based on Catherine’s universe.

Catherine Robbe-Grillet, a sharp intellectual born in 1930, published her first book (L’image) in 1956. It was banned and publicly burned in Paris. After more than 50 years of exploring eroticism and the world of sadomasochism, Robbe-Grillet is today widely considered France’s most famous dominatrix.

“The Ceremony” takes us far beyond the prejudiced, simplistic and cliché-ridden perceptions of sadomasochism. S/M may be a central theme of the film, but not merely as an exotic phenomenon. The issues raised here take us far beyond sexual orientation. “The Ceremony” delves into what motivates our decisions, not only those concerning desire and sexuality, but our behavior in general. Sadomasochist practices and codes serve simply as a magnifying glass through which we examine the driving forces that make us who we are.

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